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If you have specific questions, please contact our programme managers in charge of a Technical Committee and for the implementation of accreditation procedures.

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Programme Accreditation

The individual degree programmes are the subject matter of the programme accreditation. A successful accreditation confirms that a degree programme fulfils the given requirements.

The quality of degree programmes, according to ASIIN e. V., derives from a functioning qualification process, the interaction of its elements and the level of achievement of objectives – i.e. the attainment of the intended learning outcomes for students.

The content-related specification of the quality of a degree programme is defined within its objectives formulated by the university/Higher Education Institution (HEI). In addition, there are external demands made by the political, legal and socio-economical environment, within which the degree programme is designed and realised.

The quality of a degree programme is also demonstrated in the success that graduates achieve in their profession. It depends on the engagement of all stakeholders within and outside of the HEI. We therefore see it as decisive for the success that relevant stakeholders at the HEI are involved in the planning, steering, and implementation of this process.

The ASIIN programme accreditation procedure aims to review the logics and efficacy of a qualification process within a degree programme. Central to the overall assessment is the effective attainment of the goals set by the HEI.

The basis for programme accreditation are the ASIIN Requirements and Procedural Principles for the evaluation of degree programmes in coordination with the pertinent national provisions – in Germany of the German Accreditation Council (Akkreditierungsrat) – and with European guidelines (European Standards and Guidelines of ENQA). The requirements are complemented by the ASIIN Subject-specific Criteria (SSC) for the disciplines covered by the agency, which are designed as orientation for the conception of degree programmes. The responsibility and the definition of the degree objectives lie with the HEIs themselves, which thereby express their strategic orientation, their profile building, and their integration in the social context.

Within the programme accreditation, ASIIN e. V. specialises in revising and certifying Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes:


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